Trap The Cat

Welcome to Trap The Cat where you need to stop a black cat from escaping the playing field. Click to create a barrier to prevent this cat. However, the cat will move every time you click. Are you ready to face the challenges of this puzzle game?

This game is considered as one of the most difficult online games because you need to use your wits to achieve the goal of the game. However, your intelligence can not always come into play. You can lose a lot of time. It's normal in this game because a lot of other players have the same problem as you.

So, what is Trap The Cat? Why does it appeal to such players despite the high difficulty? Trap The Cat is a single-player puzzle game where you build a cat barrier by clicking on empty tiles. This game was released in January 2019 by Reinout Stevens. You can play it online on our website for free. It is available for all web browsers on both desktop and mobile. Since its launch, this puzzle game has attracted millions of players worldwide thanks to its simple and attractive gameplay. Let's start this game now and experience the fun that this game has to offer! Have a nice time!

Guides To Trap Your Cat

Basic Elements

Before starting the challenge, you need to understand the basic elements of this entertaining game. You should start learning about what's on your playing screen.

In the beginning, a black cat stands in the middle of the playing screen. The play screen has small tiles. Each of these small tiles corresponds to a step. You can click on each of these small tiles and the little cat can also move on these boxes. However, the tiles that have turned black are dead cells. Cats cannot move on these tiles. Similarly, you also cannot continue to select these black tiles. Note that there are 11 rows and 11 columns. As a result, there are 121 cells in total.

In addition, there is a Reset button at the bottom of the play screen. You can play this game again at any time. When you are sure that there is no win for you, press the Reset button to save time. There is the Cat Trap name to the right of the Reset button. It simply denotes the title of this puzzle game, Trap The Cat.

It is all you need to understand. Every element is very simple and easy to grasp. The main difficult task is to win this game.

Basic Game Rules

As you may know, in the Trap The Cat game, you just need to click to play. It is easy. Only with your computer mouse, you can play this online game.

Click on the tiles you want. Note that the black tiles are available fences and you cannot interact with them. Clicked cells will turn black. At the same time, the cat will move after each time you click. This cat is very intelligent because it always finds efficient ways to move. You need to form a fence with black tiles to prevent the cat from continuing to move. It is your time to win.

From this information, it is possible to make basic rules for the Trap The Cat game.

Trap The Cat Strategy

How to win Trap The Cat?

What are the solutions for Trap The Cat?

These two questions are common questions when players participate in this challenging game. I guarantee that you cannot defeat the black cat if you do not have specific strategies. Each strategy must depend on each stage. Where are the available black tiles placed? How many tiles are there? In which direction does the cat move? Depending on the information of the stage, you can come up with different strategies. However, you can apply some of the following solutions to win Trap The Cat more easily.

First, the thing that guarantees victory is moving before the black cat moves. What does this mean? There is an example for you to understand easily. If the black cat moves to the 4th cell, make sure that the 3rd and 5th cells are clicked. This makes it impossible for the cat to keep moving forward. To accomplish this goal, you should take advantage of the available black tiles. Make smart moves and surround the cat before it reaches the land of the free.

Secondly, if you can't move before the black cat, you have to react in each direction of the cat's movement. Don't click on the boxes directly in front of the cat. You should click on the boxes 1 or 2 rows away from the cat to ensure that you can catch the cat no matter which direction it goes.

Finally, the most effective way is to practice many times. The Trap The Cat game gives you an unlimited number of plays. You can play it over and over to draw experiences and lessons. As a result, you can easily come up with strategies or solutions for this puzzle game. Although it is challenging to win, you can absolutely do it if you try your best.

Besides, you can also look up this keyword on search engines like Google and learn from the experience of other players. You can also watch the video if you don't want to read the text. Many famous YouTubers have played this arcade game and reviewed it. You can even play with your friends and discuss workarounds and solutions together. It is an excellent way to improve your bond with those around you. All ages can play this game, so don't hesitate to invite your relatives or friends.

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