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Bouncy Motors

Control cars in Bouncy Motors

A car difficult to control like in Bouncy Motors will be a challenge for players. The car rotates continuously, you have to be very skillful to the finish line.

Bouncy Motors is an exceptional race track from racing cars to roadblocking platforms. The roadblocks will no longer be dangerous and scary like many other racing games. It is simply blocks of black and white color stacked together to form steep paths, and gaps for you to cross. You have to skillfully control the car with the arrow keys to pass those platforms and reach the finish line with the flag. That is not easy because the car very easy to tip over, especially when climbing uphill.

Win in Bouncy Motors

In the Bouncy Motors multi-level race track, you reach the finish line in each level in less time, and the more gold coins you have. Along the way, you may be lucky enough to encounter new leathers for the wheels and bodywork. Red areas should be avoided as they can cause your wheel to pop and lose the game. Can you overcome the difficult slippery roads on each level?