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Connect Dots

Points and shapes in Connect Dots

Do you want to join the game with spatial geometry? Coming to Connect Dots, you will be creative to figure out how to connect the points into a complete shape.

Coming to Connect Dots, you have joined a game full of interesting spatial geometries. On the playing, the screen will appear familiar shapes such as squares, stars, etc with points forming together along lines. You need to reason and figure out how to connect these points together into a complete shape. The color of the points is also the color of the line that you draw, which means that when you link the points together you are also adding color to the shape. The game has many levels and each level is a picture with different difficulties for you to try to solve the puzzle.

How to Connect the Dots

Coming to Connect Dots, you can completely use your smartphone or computer to play anywhere. It's very simple, you just need to use your finger and mouse to drag the line from points on the playing screen. You can only drag the line of the existing points. Diagonal joins or overlaps with a previously joined line are also not accepted. So choosing the starting point to draw is quite important. If you find yourself drawing the wrong line and can't finish it. You'll use two buttons with a back icon in the bottom corner of the screen. Finish coloring a picture, you will be rated 1-3 stars according to the time you complete and level through with more difficult pictures. Let's play exciting entertainment games with your friends right now.