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Cow Bay

A hardworking cow

Let's be a hard-working cow in the world of Cow Bay. Harvest fruits, pick up axes and cut wood, etc at the request of The Kingdom and get many rewards.

Coming to the world of Cow Bay, you will transform into a hardworking cow. Just you on a deserted island with trees. Above you have a The Kingdom is a cat. You will need to do well on the task it asks for you to receive the rewards. There will be tasks you need to do such as harvesting fruit, berries, cutting wood, cutting wood, etc. This is like a real farmer's job. The King cat always asks you to work hard and will reward you when you complete enough and assign new tasks. The rewards will be as big as opening more islands and having many new items. This is definitely an idle game you can't miss.

Expand the islands

Our cat The King is lazy and sleeps a lot. Every time you assign a task, the cat will sleep and disappear until you have earned enough. Work hard around to collect fruits, get wood, etc. If you want to increase labor productivity, you can click on the pictures of machines on each island such as axes or saws. You need to exchange the fruits of your labor to be able to use them and upgrade. And don't even think about not using it. Every time the cat The King opens a new island for you, there is a new product that requires you to do. Assuming that on island two you only have axes and can only cut large logs from the tree, when opening to the third island there will be a saw. That's for sure the cat will ask for a smaller stick. Try to work all the time in your spare time you will discover many different new islands and have many interesting things.