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Eggy Car

Difficulty driving with eggs

You drive the Eggy Car and will carry an egg to climb the hills. You need to try to make sure the egg does not break on this zigzag road with many obstacles.

As you know eggs are a very fragile thing. It only takes a collision and the egg will be sliced. Yet in Eggy Car, you will have to drive so that the egg does not break. That means your speed must be very stable to keep balance. But is that possible? The road in the game is the bumpy hilly roads. Bad roads will make your car bounce continuously. And yet there are traps along the way that you need to avoid constantly. That causes the egg on the car to move continuously and fall to the ground and you will lose. What are you waiting for, join this race and explore everything around you with the same egg. The beautiful scenes and graphics will be very attractive to all players and children.

Victory in the Eggy Car

Driving a car

  • Forward, accelerate: Right arrow/D
  • Reverse: Arrow left/A

Collect items and upgrade vehicles

Along the way, you need to collect coins and sparkling diamonds. Those are the things that help you buy newer cars for you in the store. There are 5 types of cars to choose from and their prices are not cheap either. In addition, when you go a certain distance like 150m, you will receive more bonus coins and many other attractive gifts.