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Find The Difference

Find The Difference is a puzzle game that is loved by many people. Let's show your observation ability to find small differences between the two pictures.

Two pictures and differences

In the game, there are two pictures placed side by side. Your task is to find out the different details in the two pictures in a certain amount of time. The challenge is that, at first glance, the great details of both paintings are very similar. The differences are the small details. They will vary in color, position, size, etc. For example, in picture one, there will be a brown teapot on the left, in picture two, that pot becomes red. It would be hard to spot right? But that's the task you have to complete to be able to pass the level to another challenge. In the game, there will be about 5000 levels so you will definitely have about 10000 different pictures to find the difference.

Find The Difference Guide

The gameplay is very simple, you just need to look closely and click on the details you notice the difference. If playing on the phone, use your hand to press. You have to observe quickly and find all the strange details before the time runs out before you can unlock them to the next level. The game has vivid images and sounds like Getting Over It, Color Page Asmr, so it is very suitable for children to play, observe and train their brains.