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Flappy Bird

Coming to Flappy Bird, your challenge is to control the little bird to fly through the holes of the chimney with different short lengths without collision.

About Flappy Bird

In Flappy Bird, you must guide an adorable little yellow bird through the holes of the chimney. They flew and found their way out through the holes in the two chimneys. The difficult thing here is, you will control the bird so that it does not collide with the chimneys or fall to the ground. Birds only fly when there is no object around, otherwise, you will lose. Besides, these pipes are of various heights, they will generate different gaps. There are high locations and little spots that are difficult to fly over. Some places are quite large, some are quite small. Sometimes you will also encounter a case where you are flying high, but have to suddenly come down. The heights and paths through this golden bird's hole will change continuously.

Control the bird

Contrary to the things you need to remember to avoid, the way to control the bird in Flappy Bird is very simple. With just mouse clicks, the bird will fly up, the faster the click, the higher the bird will fly. You just need to be careful not to let the bird fall to the ground or collide with the chimneys. Please control the mouse click evenly and pass the chimney to get gold coins. Surely the game will train you to observe and control quickly like in iScribble, Donut Stack, let's experience it right away.