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Get 10

About Get 10

Welcome to the Get 10 game, this is a puzzle game, where you can train your brain. In this game, you have to put the numbers together to get the number 10.

This is a brain-training game like in Bingo Solo on the Trap The Cat website, you need to match blocks to get 10. You can play this game until you run out of space to match numbers. This game challenges your brain as you have to figure out the correct place to place the number. You must place the number so that it does not become your challenge.

How to play

It is similar to the 2048 Merge game, you place blocks so that they merge together. You need to match numbers on adjacent squares on the board until you reach ten. You need to merge 2 adjacent blocks together to increase the value, but these 2 blocks must have the same value. When 2 blocks of the same value are combined together, they will form a block with a higher value. Since this game doesn't have an Undo button, decide carefully.

How to control: Use the mouse to merge the block.