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Idle Mining Empire

Hardworking Miners

A relaxing game like Idle Mining Empire has attracted a lot of players. Transform into hard-working miners and mine coal in the ground for money.

In Idle Mining Empire an idle game, you will play the role of the operator of all actions of the workers in the underground mine. You have to manage everything that has to happen according to the process from mining to processing ore and selling it for money. Each process will be the experts standing at each segment and your job is to make these guys work. These miners are quite hard-working but always need your urging to make things go smoothly.

Control and upgrade workers

How to make workers active

The first is to dig up ore, click to control this first worker. Click to let him dig until the green line on his head is full, then he's done digging. This is the hardest and most time-consuming job. Then continue to click on a worker on the elevator for him to go down to get ore and preliminary processing. Finally, click on the guys to sell. Click again to let him run as fast as possible to get and get money for the fruits of his labor.

Development upgrade

Once you've earned an income, hire more workers. You can hire additional employers so that your workers can automatically work. Pay attention to the thunderbolts above those workers, it will make everyone's work progress faster and more productive. However, the time to use is also short and it takes a little longer to be able to use it again. It will become a continuous automation process that leaves you much more idle. In particular, you can also use money to make all workers work faster and increase product quality. Besides, you also need to constantly improve production facilities and warehouses to increase output and attract investment capital from investors in the market.