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Knife Hit

About Knife Hit

Let's show off your knife-throwing skills in Knife Hit. You need to hit the knife at a revolving wooden board and destroy them with a limited number of knives.

When playing Knife Hit you can throw knives freely and relieve all sorrows. The game is very simple, just throw the knife to hit the rotating wooden boards on the screen. Occasionally there are red apples on the board. Calculate to hit that apple. The more you hit, the more you will make the wooden board explode and go to another level. Let's show your ultimate ability and come up with unexpected challenges.

Learn how to throw a knife

In Knife Hit you will not need to use your logical thinking to solve difficult puzzles. You simply need the observation and quick calculation to throw the knife for the exact position of the wood and the apple. Whenever you see an empty space in Knife Hit, you need to use the left mouse button to click and the knife will be launched in a straight line. Especially the two knives are not in the same position, so you need to choose the right time to throw them a knife. Besides, the wooden board rotates very quickly and gradually increases the speed through each level, so it will make you more determined. The number of knives available to you will also vary with each level. If you run out of knives but don't hit enough apples, you lose. Create a lot of explosions on the board and earn a lot of apples and points.