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Little Alchemy 2

Become an Inventor

What would you do with the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire? The experiment in Little Alchemy 2 will create new products from those elements.

You have a strong passion for science and invention. You can sit in the lab all day with vials of solution. Little Alchemy 2 will be very suitable to be present in your relaxing moments. Here there will be 4 elements available from the beginning for you to start crafting. It is earth, water, air, and fire. Players will automatically drag the mouse to drag and combine these elements together and create new products. An example is that combining Earth with Fire creates Lava. The more you create your own, the more elements you will have. Those will be kept in your own encyclopedia. The harder you invent, the more valuable rewards you unlock.

Some note

Experiments are sometimes unsuccessful. While you just click and overlap to create new items, many of your creations can still be damaged. Use the delete button in the top corner to clean up because it's all saved in your encyclopedia so you won't lose it.

Join the community at Little Alchemy 2

Many items require 3 water or 5 fire. There are countless elements based on different concoctions. Just a little lack of it is not enough. So to know what the correct ratio is, use the suggestion button or join the fandom community to listen to everyone's sharing. Here all want to share special recipes with each other. You can also reference and let people know your creative results.