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Logic Game: Maze

General introduction to Logic Game: Maze

Logic Game: Maze is an extremely challenging intellectual game with many levels. You need to help a small green ball find its way out of this multi-path maze.

A blue ball is lost in a dark maze. This maze has a lot of twists and turns and is easy to get confused. Your task is to help the green ball find its way out to the circular exit gate. Your turn will be timed, the faster you find your way out the more stars and points you get.

Move the Ball and Find The Way out

Observe the path of the maze carefully and start dragging and moving the mouse to make the ball run in the direction you want. The ball will run until it is blocked and you have to keep thinking about your next lane. Just drag and find your way until the ball enters the blue round gate, you have passed the level. Try to escape as little time as possible to be rated with a high score and many stars. Passing each level you encounter more and more difficult mazes. Wish you have moments with Logic Game: Maze fun.