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Mind Controller

Game details

Mind Controller allows you to control your opponent's actions and make them unable to harm you. There are many different controllers for you through levels.

With normal games, you will have to control your character to fight with opponents to win. That is exactly the opposite of Mind Controller. Here you again have the ability to control your opponent. You control their actions so that the opponent does not approach you. Because you have no weapons, when facing them you will die at any time. Quickly destroy those bad guys in your many creative ways and pass each level. Each level is a different arena with more and more opponents, pay attention carefully.

The process of destroying the opponent

Ways to harm an opponent

First, aim the laser beam from the controller at one of your attackers. Then you use the joystick to drag them into the water or collide with dangerous spikes, etc. Remember to keep your distance to win and have a chance to unlock new controllers including Wii, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc. Before starting the battle, you can choose a skill like the giant metal ball that gives you extra strength in dangerous situations.

How to control the opponent

  • WASD: used to move
  • 1-6: use skills
  • E: unlock special skill
  • Shift = use the selection button
  • Space = use the start button