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Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart is a fun management game. You play as a restaurant manager monkey with a lot of fruit on the shelves to serve customers and earn a lot of money.

About Monkey Mart

The first thing in your job is that you have to put on an apron and start preparing food. Plant seeds and harvest your first crop! You're striving to expand your little stand into a larger and better grocery. You'll have a standard 9-to-5 routine that involves a lot of harvesting, planting, and bartering. You will be well paid for each project completed. Take money as it comes in, and utilize the money you already have in reserve to acquire more equipment and expand your business to make it larger and better. Of course, you should upgrade the monkey to make it better at its job, and as you grow, you will be able to hire more workers, which we are convinced you will do.

How to control the monkey

Use the ASWD keys to control and make the monkey spin like a pinwheel to serve customers to earn money. Trust me, you will enjoy this job of managing and getting rich. If you want to experience a restaurant management experience similar to this, you can play Papa's Pizzeria.