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The murderer takes the throne

You need to assassinate the king and claim the crown in Murder with your knife. After becoming king, beware of other wicked people who want to harm you.

Murder is set in a magnificent castle. In which the king was walking around the castle looking at paintings and no soldiers were accompanying him. This is a good opportunity for you to kill the king and claim the throne. Follow behind gently and follow the king step by step. Choose a suitable time and attack the king will die and you will have the crown to rule the whole kingdom. If you fail, you will go to jail and lose the game. Even if you have become a king, you should still carefully observe the suspects behind you who are also trying to kill you.

Gameplay of Murder

When playing Murder you will have the experience of killing the king and the danger of being a king.

Become a king slayer

The first task that you have to overcome is to go behind the king and hide the weapon. Waiting for the right moment when the king is not paying attention, you will hold down the space button to raise the weapon and stab it. When the king is dead, you will put on your robe and crown to continue your journey. If the assassination fails, when the king comes back in time to see you holding a weapon you will be taken to prison. So when you see the king come back you can't hold the spacebar anymore and the knife to kill the king will fall.

Become king

After successfully killing the king you will also face more dangers. There are many evil villains who also look to the throne to rule the country. They have spikes, poisons, sharp nails, etc. They also disguised themselves as close people and followed the king. You just need to calm down, go as usual, and press the space button to turn the character's head. You need to watch the time when those guys are still holding weapons in their hands and raising them, soldiers will come and take them to jail.