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My Mini City

What is My Mini City?

Play My Mini City to start building your own city. To win this 3D idle game you need to fill the empty cells with tall buildings and attract tourists.

My Mini City is an idle game that allows you to build your own city. You need to fill the empty spaces and build up buildings, banks, amusement parks, etc. You have to make this place the most modern, full of facilities so that people can live here and have many tourists. You can also hire workers and expand your staff quickly to complete construction projects with you. Do your best to be the hardest-working mayor. Make everyone happy here and you will be loved and honored in every city.

City building process

Construction of buildings

There are a total of 8 lots, each of which is a different building. You can't build alone, hire workers. Your workers will automatically start working. Click and hold on to the screen to speed them up. They will collect bricks and then place them to complete the building from ground to top.
Also, you can come across boosters. Super Worker works more efficiently, increasing speed increases the speed of your workers. Especially the golden brick increases the amount you earn per brick. After completing the building you need to drag your finger or use the mouse to drag to merge two buildings of the same level to merge to get a higher-level building. The higher the building level, the more economic benefits.

City development

You need to build enough hospitals, schools, banks, amusement parks, supermarkets, etc for residents to want to live in your city. Also increases the happiness of all residents exponentially thanks to all the new parks, services, and shops. Cleaning the streets will be a big plus if you want to keep them happy and the view of the city clean. You should also pay attention to achievements and bonuses that can increase your money and unlock new features. Make your city rich and beautiful in the eyes of all its inhabitants and other players.