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Push Push Cat

Introduction Push Push Cat

Those who love cute cats try Push Push Cat now. You will have to find a way to push the bushes like a maze to find a way for the cat to get out.

As soon as you click to start playing, you can see the cat lying in a corner in the labyrinthine roads blocked by bushes. Looks pitiful for these feral cats, doesn't it? That's why you're here to find your way out. These homeless cats need to find their way out as quickly as possible and you need to reason to be able to solve this difficult puzzle.

Cat Rescue

Very simple, you just need to slide the groves in the direction of the available arrows to create space for the cat to come out. Use the mouse and drag to make sure you can do it. But that's not enough, use your thinking ability to move the grove one after another and no longer block each other's way. The lines you can move are only within a certain limit. Each time you successfully rescue you will get gold coins and go to the next level. More difficult and requires more deduction. With great love for animals, you will surely do it.