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Retro Goal

To-do in Retro Goal

Retro Goal allows you to play and manage the team in the 90s style. In the excitement of the fans, will your team win the championship with the best players?

Football is the king of sports, so football games like Retro Goal are loved by many people. Coming to this game you will not only kick the ball, but you also have to manage the whole team. The game has about 500 teams and 24 of the world's strongest teams for you to choose and lead by pressing the Shift key. Every time you win, you will get bonus coins. From there you can upgrade the training facilities. Upgrading the stadium will make the teammate's practice more comfortable and quality. You can also make athletes recover faster by hiring staff, helping develop your players, and allowing them to play at a higher level. They will be able to make difficult passes or steal tackles. Because controlling a team will have a lot of things to deal with, you can leave it on automatic for the athletes to practice and compete on their own. Sign healthy players to achieve many victories and you will have the opportunity to expand and develop your club. Remember to strictly control the tactical formation and have a backup opponent.

How To Play


  • Keys to move
  • A to shoot the ball
  • B to pass
  • C to shoot kick
  • A + B to kick the heel


  • A big slide
  • B to tackle