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Roller Baller

Roll in the galaxy with Roller Baller

Have you ever been running in a vast universe ever? Play Roller Baller now and transform into a ball rolling on rocks and avoid obstacles in the vast galaxy.

The Story

Roller Baller is like other classic rolling ball games you have ever played. The special thing when playing the game is that you are rolling in the vast galaxy. Have you tried this in the vast universe? Roller Baller will give you that feeling. The special thing is that when playing the game, you will not simply control an ordinary ball. You will have to control a small asteroid. Look at the round green appearance of the trees and the sea just like our earth. Join this planetary ball and discover surprises.

The Mission

Like many other rolling games, you control this small planet skillfully to overcome the dangers and reach the finish line. This is of course not that simple. Because this is a vast and vast universe, besides the beautiful scenes that attract you, you will have to face unexpected incidents. Rocks move, and dangers like meteors also suddenly appear. Moreover, there are also traps that make you fall into a deep hole in the void. Trust me this is definitely a very exciting journey for you.

Gameplay of Roller Baller

This is a game that requires observation and agile skills to avoid obstacles on the way. Use the arrow keys to dodge flexibly. When you want to jump up in places where there is a gap, press the up arrow key and the spacebar. You can only win when the ball runs over the rocks without hitting obstacles and falling into the air. That requires you to adjust and time your turns and jumps. If you don't jump far enough or jump too far, you will immediately lose. Then you have fallen into the endless space and cannot unlock the next level with the next race. The time to complete the track of each level will be counted from the time you start until you reach the finish line. So when there is an unfortunate drop or collision, quickly press Enter and roll from the beginning to save time increasing rankings in the rankings.