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Smart Looter

Smart Looter will bring you thrills and adventurous treasure theft missions. Play now with friends to brainstorm a plan to steal smoothly.

Do you want to get rich quickly? Go steal it now. That's the fastest way. Like Kaito Kid in Conan, he made successful heists and became the terror of many. But it's not simple, they also have to think and plan for a long time. Use your wits and start committing many thefts in Smart Looter right away.

Plan the theft

It is not right to commit theft, but it will bring a lot of money quickly. You should try it too. First, you have to choose the location of the thief, museum, gold shop, etc. Then find out carefully, your means of transport and especially your escape route. You need to get everything listed, gems, diamonds, antiques, etc. These are things that require intelligence and agile planning. Prepare all the backpacks carefully to store and go with your accomplices to steal right away.

Smart Looter Guide

Plan, arrive, see everything, and move to get things with the mouse movement or the arrow keys on the screen. The controls are the same as in Rotate Soccer, Dirt Bike Stunts 3D, Color Page Asmr, and Apple Worm. You will surely find it simple right? Stealing is not so easy, pay attention to the guards, and the police, they will always be on patrol. Red on the screen means they have detected you. At that time, run away immediately if you don't want to go to jail. You will win if you steal the object and get out of the car waiting for your accomplices. Through the level, the more difficult levels are waiting for you to pass.