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Space Purge


Protect the Earth in Space Purge

Some missions

Space Purge offers some attractive missions for all. You can join the game and try your best to complete the task which is to protect the earth.

What if too many meteorites collide with the Earth? Surely a dire consequence would follow. You need to take action to protect the peace of the earth. You need to eliminate the meteors and other planets that are rushing toward the Earth. Take control of your spaceship to shoot them down. Besides, you also need to pay attention so that your spaceship does not crash into other meteorites. You need to get rid of them quickly before they hit you.

Moreover, when playing the game, you will get many bonus points. Try to have the biggest score. You will get a low score if you shoot down small planets and meteors. Conversely, you can increase your score significantly if you eliminate large meteors. Good luck.

How to control

You need to hold and drag the left mouse button to control your spaceship. Try to eliminate the meteors. Then, you can level up and continue finishing your tasks.

Some excellent items in the game

While eliminating other meteors and planets, you can collect many items. They are considered power-ups. You can take advantage of them for better gaming. You can collect shields to protect your spaceship. If you want to increase the lives, you should collect the hearts and green energy. You can also boost your spaceship by collecting the ammunition. They will help you remove obstacles.

The remarkable traits of Space Purge

The spaceship's lives

Initially, you only have three lives for the spaceship. You can increase the number of lives if you collect hearts. You will have more chances to survive in this vast vast space. So don't ignore them. Make an effort to win.

The earth's lives

Like a spaceship, the lives of the Earth are limited. You must protect it well to move to the following levels. If the Earth runs out of lives, you must stop the game. Do you have any tricks to win?