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Temple of Boom


Adventure to the Temple of Boom

At Temple of Boom, a journey to discover the ancient temple is taking place. You can join this adventure with your friends and face the monsters and spiders.

You must be a brave person to join the Temple of Boom expedition. Why do I say that? Because this place is an abandoned temple from long ago. As far as you know, there are often evil monsters lurking in all ancient things. Same in Temple of Boom. In this ancient golden temple, there are many scary green monsters residing. You came and you woke it up. It is ready to kill you because you disturbed it. Don't worry too much, you have a gun in your hand. You can keep yourself safe. The reality is that the monsters also have guns and they are numerous. Both sides shoot a lot, hence the name Temple of Boom. Referring to the word Boom is to know the fierceness of this gun battle, right? It will be like in Stick Merge, this battle is only one side to survive and win. In addition to meeting green demons when entering the temple, you can also meet large poisonous spiders, or ancient chests with additional weapons to help you fight. Do you want to test yourself and join this expedition?

Guide to using gun to protect yourself

Understanding player psychology and wanting everyone to have more relaxing moments with friends, Temple of Boom has single-player and two-player modes to give you a companion in this battle for survival. In order for both of you to safely survive the monsters, remember how to control the character to use the gun proficiently

Single player:

  • Move: arrow keys up, left, right
  • Pick up weapon: down arrow
  • Shoot: Z
  • Swap Weapon: X

Two players:

Player 1

  • Move: W, A, EASY
  • Pick up weapon: WILL
    Shoot: C
    Switch weapons: V

Player 2

  • Move: arrow up, left, right
  • Pick up weapon: down arrow
  • Shoot: K
  • Switch weapons: L

Two battle modes in Temple of Boom

In both modes, you can choose Endless and Campaign. In Campaign mode, you will face evil creatures in three temples and destroy them through each level. In endless mode, your mission is to destroy everything and survive in the never-ending battle of survival. Here the monsters are always as cunning as the cat in Trap The Cat. If you shoot it they will run away. They will also appear when you are least paying attention and shoot you stealthily. So, once you have fallen into the castle, you need to run continuously on the platforms to be able to chase and shoot at them immediately. Pay attention and open treasure chests to get more powerful weapons. The game will be great when you and your friends work together to fight.