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Water Pool Heroes.io

Pool fight

Do you love an underwater fight on hot summer days? Play now Water Pool Heroes.io and jump into the pool to collect rubber ducks to destroy smaller opponents.

Coming to Water Pool Heroes.io you will be a stickman who is participating in a game with many opponents in a pool of water and rubber ducks. Yellow rubber ducks must have been very familiar to many people, especially in children's bathrooms. Now on hot summer days, you will be jumping into a large swimming pool with many opponents. You sit on a lead duck-shaped float and start collecting more rubber ducks. You do this to help increase your duck population and become bigger. Then you can eliminate opponents smaller than you. When the arena in this pool is left alone, you will become the winner.

How to control duck

You just need to use the mouse and arrow keys and move the duck around the lake. Go to many rubber ducks and collect as many as possible to grow fast. Occasionally you will also encounter cards x2, x3, etc duck numbers do not miss. The current number of ducks you and your opponent have are displayed on top. See if the opponent has fewer ducks than you, and eliminate them to win.

Change of appearance of duck

The more ducks you eat, the more powerful you become and get gold coins. The more coins you have, the more chances you have to upgrade yourself with your favorite outfits. This is a very cute and simple action fight. Do not hesitate to join to eliminate all opponents and become the leader of the ducks.