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Zombie Bullet 3D

Zombie Bullet 3D is an action-adventure game. Zombies are around and trying to eat you in this game, use your gun and shoot them dead instantly.


Beautiful city with sunshine through the trees. It would be great to go for a walk and breathe in the fresh air early in the morning. Unfortunately, the world is different now. These are the apocalypse. Everywhere, every corner, there were growls. Dead bodies and stench were everywhere. Just being bitten by zombies will be infected and quickly spread. Kill it only with guns and advanced weapons. You will play the role of a soldier, showing top sniper skills. Save the world and protect your own safety.

Fight with zombies

Pick your weapon, fast and accurately aiming. If you miss, you've made a noise and they'll rush in to tear you apart immediately. You may instantly go to another and keep shooting zombies if you don't like it. Grab the deadliest weapon to take down high-profile targets like these mad beings.

How To Control

Show light movement skills with AWSD keys and top-notch shooting skills with E and Q. Remember to use it fluently and quickly if you don't want to be zombie food. Kill a certain number of undead, you will pass the level and receive a bonus. Try to spend to upgrade as well as change advanced weapons.

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