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8 Ball Billiards Classic


The overview of 8 Ball Billiards Classic

8 Ball Billiards Classic is an attractive pool simulation game. You will play as a billiards player and try to get all your balls into the baskets.

The game gives players the chance to practice billiards, a game that calls on an understanding of ball spin and angle. These crucial game elements will be faithfully recreated. Each of these balls will physically react correctly and move across the billiard table whether you choose to strike the white cue ball on another ball or get the check side.

You will experience this exciting pool game on your computer. You will probably enjoy its gameplay. Immerse yourself in this interesting game.

Some things related to the mechanics of the game

The game rules

The basic rule for playing pool is that there will be a total of 15 object balls and 1 cue ball on the pool table. The object balls range in number from 1 to 15. The winner is the one who plays all of his group of balls and the black ball with the number 8 first.

Targets in the pool range from 1 to 15, and there is just one cue ball. The lowest-numbered target ball on the table must be touched by the cue ball on each stroke, but the ball that falls into the hole need not be in the same sequence. Any object ball that is pocketed during a shot counts as a lawful shot.

If you successfully place the ball in a hole, you may continue to play and hit until you miss, foul, or score 61 points to win the game. If the player misses, however, the next player must begin his turn from the position of the balls that were left on the table and may choose to carry on at the location of the balls that his opponent left. Additionally, you can start the turn with the white cue ball in hand and behind the top line of the table and place the ball with the least index at the end of the billiard table.


To control the billiard cue, you will hold and drag the left mouse button to aim. You can choose two lines to predict the direction of the ball's movement. Then, you will drag the mouse back behind the billiard cue to hit the ball. You can adjust the force of the billiard cue by pulling it back a little or pulling it a lot. Adjust it flexibly so that you can shift the number of balls you have on the billiard bed.

Some features of 8 Ball Billiards Classic

Two game modes

The game offers two game modes. Your opponent can't gain new control of the computer if you choose the first mode. It's really smart. Its strategy is also ideal. You need to try to win. If you want to join the game with a friend, you can choose the second mode. This mode allows you and your friend to play on the same electronic device. You will play in turn. The winner will be the one who doesn't have any balls left.

The penalty card

When playing the game, you will receive a penalty card if you do not follow the rules. If you shoot at your opponent's balls, you will receive a penalty card. This penalty card will give the opponent a chance to win. Your rival will play your turn. His ball count also quickly decreased. You need to take caution when playing this game.