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Soccer Random

If you want to practice your soccer skills, Soccer Random will bring you intense moments of competition against AI or with friends in a two-player mode.

About Soccer Random

Soccer is a king sport among sports. Surely among us all want to become strong and competent like the football players we admire, right? Soccer Random will give you the freedom to practice and play with AI to practice skills. If you are already confident and want to have authentic competitions, you can also play the game's two-player mode to compete with friends.

How to play Soccer Random

Like regular football games like Rotate Soccer, you just need to kick the ball into the opponent's goal as much as possible. Use only a W key for player one, and the Up arrow button for player two. Whoever scores 5 points first is the winner and goes to the next difficulty level. After each match, the opponent, the goal will change completely and you have to start all over again. Come on, you will win and become the champion in this king sport.