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About Impostor

Impostor is a thrilling and exciting action game. You are ready for a cruise ship adventure and carry out your missions while playing.

Do you like adventurous space travel? Have you ever experienced the fear of having an impostor around you? Coming to Impostor you will surely be surprised by the adventurous adventures in space. While traveling through endless space, a spaceship's crew is engaged in a struggle for survival. Since there is a fake among them, they must exercise caution. This train is full of people and you are on it, you are also a target of impostors. Even when they are alone with someone who is not the imposter, they must always maintain a defensive and offensive stance. If you want to stay safe, so do you. The Impostor wants to kill everybody, and he will do anything to achieve this goal, including destroying the ship. He has shrewd and cunning ways. He might be hiding out in the shadows, waiting for a victim, or he might jump out of a ventilation shaft and attack from behind. He does what he does best, which is to sneak up on people from behind and attack, making them feel uneasy and frightened. He is not easily recognized among the crew members unless he makes a mistake. Every time someone dies, all will gather together to find the fake and pay attention to the suspicious points of each person. If not, the next victim could be you. In general, your identity will be chosen at random. Everyone wants to become an Impostor so that they can be comfortable without the fear of being killed. But whether you are an impostor or a civilian, you must be very careful.

It is similar to Angry Purrs, Granny, Cut It Down Online, Get 10, and Woobies about gameplay. Let's try.

How To Control

You can move the character when playing a computer game by pressing the arrow keys or the AWSD keys. When playing on your phone, you must slide and move your finger across the screen in order to control and begin acting.