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Kick The Buddy

Play Kick The Buddy to get as many coins as you can by using your weapons to hit Buddy, a doll. It is a great game for entertainment and relaxation.

Rules in Kick The Buddy

This game is the best option for you if you're stressed out or very angry. This game, with its straightforward controls, can assist you in reducing stress and anger.

To hit the doll named Buddy in this game, you must use weapons like knives, rifles, and guns. The more coins you claim, the more severely it is injured. Make every effort to acquire as many coins as you can.

Controls: To play, use the left mouse button.

More Weapons and Games

Kick The Buddy's shop sells not only weapons but also accessories in this game. Knives, rifles, cannons, guns, and even tanks can be used as weapons. Belts, hats, sunglasses, headphones, and other accessories are all options. Buy the things you like with the coins you earn.

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