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Trap The Mouse

Mouse! Mouse! Catch the mouse! Are you afraid of mouse? Mouses are scary animals for many players. Come to Trap The Mouse to participate in battles with mice. Catch the mice by building hexagonal columns and do not allow the mouse to move.

If you've ever played Trap The Cat, you're probably familiar with this arcade game. However, the main character in this game is a black mouse. This mouse has the same role as the cat in Trap The Cat. However, you can beat this puzzle more easily. So, start this entertaining game now to enjoy it! You can play the Trap The Mouse game online on our website for free.

How to win Trap The Mouse

Playing Strategy

At the beginning of the game, there is a mouse in the middle of the play screen. In addition, there is a playing field with 121 green hexagons. Some hexagons have become orange columns. The green hexagons allow you to click to create orange columns. It also allows the black mouse to move over it. Why is the mouse moving? The mouse will move after each click. Therefore, the more you click, the more the mouse moves.

You need to click so that the orange columns surround the mouse and make it impossible for the mouse to move. You can win the Trap The Mouse game when the mouse must stop. However, it is challenging. Many players haven't won in catching this mouse. Can you catch the mouse and win this puzzle game?

Achievements For Each Match

The game will count your moves. The fewer clicks you use, the more stars you get. The most honorable success is to win 5 stars after each match. Few players have achieved this noble achievement. Lose or use too many moves. That is the usual result. Are you one of the players who earned this admirable 5-star result?

Some Notes For You

It is not easy to win this mouse-catching game. Trap The Mouse is a puzzle game where you have to catch the mouse by building columns to prevent the mouse's escape. You will face a lot of challenges because this game requires you to use your intelligence to move.

First, take advantage of the available orange columns to catch the mouse more easily. It can reduce your moves as well as bring more difficulty to the mouse.

Second, you need to make sure you can block all directions of the mouse movement. If it moves upwards, build columns on top. If it moves downwards, build columns at the bottom. It is the same for the right and left sides.

Finally, you can practice playing the game over and over again and discuss strategies with your friends. It would be great if you played with other people. While exchanging with your friends, you can have many new strategies and learn a lot of experiences. Besides that, you can also enhance your bond with everyone. In particular, this game is suitable for all ages, so you can invite any players.