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Hot Dog Bush

About Hot Dog Bush

Hot Dog Bush is a restaurant management game by former President Bush. In the game, he needs you to serve and expand into the most famous hot dog shop.

President George W. Bush has just finished his eight-year reign in 2009. He must now find a new job in this management game. He expects to make a fortune by opening a hot dog cart in New York City. Join former President George W. Bush as he tries to turn a hot dog cart into a huge hit! He requires your cooking abilities as well as your agility to attract people because he lacks expertise. He'll need to meet his daily earnings goals while also serving his clients quickly. Develop a plan for attracting clients as soon as feasible. Take note that the dishes that customers order will be displayed on their heads. You can easily win their love by quickly serving them their favorite foods. Undercooked or over-fried hot dogs won't be served. To ensure that your customers don't have to wait too long and to earn the most tips, you should be careful and efficient with your time.

How To Control

Food may be prepared with the mouse and then dragged out for customers.