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Fall Boys

About Fall Boy

Fall Boys is an attractive multiplayer game. Run, and jump non-stop with lots of obstacles to reach the finish line fastest and win everyone's surprise.

Are you tired of challenging games alone? If you enjoy playing games with others, you'll adore this action-packed multiplayer game. This is like a non-stop race, there are many people chasing you. Everyone wants to run as fast as possible to outrun the opponent and cross the finish line as soon as possible. You will come across many dangerous situations if you can't react quickly enough, and you will lose the game right away for failing to complete the challenge. The roads seem like nothing but in fact, there are many dangerous pitfalls. That's how the game types players, you must pass quickly to reach the finish line. By honing your reflexes, be ready to cross the finish line first. And yet, the more you run to the finish line, the more you will be surprised by the difficult challenges but make up for the attractive rewards. In particular, you can also change your appearance. There will be many maps, and each new and unique test area for you to experience. Enjoy and find a way to overcome all challenges and the fastest person will be the last to win.

How To Control

Use a combination of mouse and ASWD keys to move and complete challenges.