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Drive Mad

A Race in Drive Mad

Take on the challenges in Drive Mad and experience incredible speed. Driving is not allowed to hit obstacles, race against time can you do it?

Coming to Drive Mad, you have entered the world of cars and speed. Your race tracks will not be flat. You and your racing car will have to cross bridges, and overcome obstacles or sharp nails. Cleverly dodge so that the car does not tip over, safely reach the destination and you have successfully passed the screen. The game will have a lot of levels equivalent to a lot of racing tracks for you to freely show and master the speed.

Control a Car in Drive Mad

In this wild race, you do not skillfully control the throttle when encountering walls, bends, etc. To do that, you will have to use a flexible mouse, or use the W, D, and X keys. Sometimes you also get used to the S, A, and Z keys to drive backward. Be flexible in handling situations and speed. Become a great racer and reach the finish line in the shortest time. Wish you success in all races in Drive Mad.