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Jet Rush

Control the plane to avoid obstacles

Controlling a plane and avoiding buildings in Jet Rush is a challenge for many people. You also play and try to fly in the air and earn a lot of items.

You start the game with Jet Rush you will definitely like the feeling that speed brings. This is an adventure journey that gives you the experience of flying an airplane and seeing the surroundings. You watch the street, where there are high-rise buildings with a lot of smoke. It is the obstacles that stand in your way. So you need to use arrow keys or ASDW to avoid church. Your plane cannot be hit or else you will stop the game. The further you go, the more strange things and different scenery you will see. The game will provide 4 maps and 2 types of aircraft for you to complete this journey of discovery.

Support items

You may see some multicolored backgrounds along the way. They are power-ups that help you a lot as the game progresses.

  • Purple items help protect aircraft in the event of a collision
  • The green item is Turbo Boost which improves the aircraft's speed.
  • The blue spinner earns you an extra $500. Accumulate more money, you can enter the store to buy new jets and many other support items.