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Basket Random

About Basket Random

Basket Random is an attractive stickman sports game. Show off your control skills to start creating beautiful balls and win in front of everyone's admiration.

This basketball game has two modes one player and two players. So you can play with friends or relatives in your spare time. This game is special in that you have to control two stickman characters at the same time. Position one is occupied by the pitcher, and position two is occupied by the defense. Despite having fairly high jumping abilities, they have long arms and shaky feet. Basketball players will slam into one another in an absurd show of chaos as they race to dunk or retrieve the ball. So it will be difficult for you to control both of these athletes, win with great shots, but also have to pay attention to the opponent. The dunker is the basketball player in the middle. He is in charge of shooting and handling the ball. The dunker must be told to go across the court during play to steal the ball from the opposing team. Control the dunker to allow him to launch himself into the air and lob the ball into the goal to score. Try to perform impressive slam dunks to get a high score. In front of the dunker is the defense. He must thwart any goals scored by the opposing team. Instruct the defense to jump or lie down whenever your opponent tries to throw the ball into the basket to reduce his scoring opportunities. Each turn will be a different challenge, the control characters also change and the opponent will become stronger and stronger. Play now and overcome powerful opponents based on your skills and win glory.

How To Control

The dunker player is controlled by the ASWD key and the defensive stickman uses the arrow keys.