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Stickman Hook

About Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook is a stickman game that is loved by many people. Controlling the stickman through dangerous challenges will definitely give you new experiences.

New stickman challenges and adventures are available on Stickman Hook. Players can swing across perilous high-rise streets with the stickman in this game. It's possible that the player has no control over the swing points. Please assist the stickman in getting to the finish line as he swings between the high buildings. To win this game, are you prepared? Tap to hook while avoiding obstacles and jumping incredible distances. Can you execute each of these acrobatic feats flawlessly one after the other? Who will reach the finish line first among the survivors—you or the other? Play this game and fight the spider stickman. With the agility of a spider, finish every level. Use your grip and the bumpers to perform acrobatic moves to prove to your friends who is in charge! Are you really confident that you can outwit a spider? A total of 100 levels with varying degrees of difficulty are available. According to the level, the difficulty will also increase. More specifically, there will be an increase in the separation between the start and finish. To complete all levels in the shortest amount of time, devise your own strategy. In this game, there are 23 different skins to choose from. After you finish the levels, they become available.

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Game Control

Shake and move the mouse to control the stickman.