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Gravity Snake

About Gravity Snake

Play Gravity Snake to control a little blue snake and participate in exciting journeys. The snake can be controlled to crawl around and eat all of the apples to advance to the next level.

Unlike Trap The Cat and Turbo Moto Racer 3D, this game has many different levels for you to conquer. You need to complete a level before continuing to the next level. Can you conquer all levels in this puzzle game?

Try to finish them while having fun. In addition, don't forget to try Sonic exe and Slope Ball for more thrilling adventures.

How to Play

Direct a snake to eat all of the apples by crawling around the playing field. You will be eligible to advance to the next level once all apples have been eliminated. Take care! If you don't want to lose soon, try not to hit the walls or your body.

Controls: To direct the snake, use the arrow keys.

Use your strategies to guide your snake and complete all levels. It can be easy at low levels. However, it is challenging at higher levels.