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Dumb Ways to Die Original

Coming to Dumb Ways to Die Original, you will control a small character to overcome challenges. 82 rounds and many different missions for you to overcome.

Challenges in Dumb Ways to Die Original

This is a game, but each level has different mission challenges and gameplay like each game. You will control the character, read the quest and pass each challenging level to pass level. Otherwise, your character will die, and you will have to play again. If you win, you will collect these cute little characters for your train station. There are 82 levels equivalent to 82 challenges for you to try out with different gameplay.

How to overcome challenges in Dumb Ways to Die Original

There will be levels you have to face such as swarms of ferocious bees, flaming cakes, balance, etc like in Smart Looter, Retro Bowl, and Angry Purrs games. So each level will have a different way of playing to pass the level. Use the mouse or arrow keys to avoid dangerous obstacles, along with the instructions when playing. The most important is still the ability to calculate ingenuity, reflexes, skills, and concentration to play and win. Good luck.