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Roblox Doors

About Roblox Doors

Roblox Doors is a horror and horror game with a dark and gloomy setting. To escape, try to open the rotten doors but pay attention to the monsters lurking.

Have you ever imagined yourself falling into a spooky house? Roblox Doors will give you terrifying experiences and evoke a sinister atmosphere, from the visuals to the audio. You wake up and find yourself in this abandoned house. Extreme fear with the surrounding cobwebs, musty smells, and dim yellow lights bring a feeling of extreme mystery. You will feel claustrophobic and want to leave right away due to a simple lack of food and water, as well as the confined space and poor lighting that creates a sense of terror. What will you have to do? Don't cry because of fear, challenge your survival experience right now. You only need to look for an exit and locate it as quickly as you can if you don't want to be trapped inside. Therefore, move quickly through the hotel and find the proper exit. Move on if you choose the appropriate door. If you open the wrong door, what will happen? What awaits you are ferocious monsters. They are everywhere and are very hungry. Fearsome monsters are the most dangerous situation, so no one wants to run into them. You must look through the chambers for important items. Those things will be useful if you are in danger. Some of the rooms in Doors are simple, but many of them demand that you solve small puzzles. There is no set time limit for this game, but players must stay away from some odd monsters that randomly appear.

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How To Play

You will move with the ASWD keys while walking. Use the spacebar to jump. Press and hold the E key after determining which door is the proper one to open. Besides, remembering to use the C key to crouch in order to avoid monsters is especially crucial.