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About Terraria

Terraria was launched on May 16, 2011, by Re-Logic. After launch, this game has brought players interesting experiences.

Terraria is an action-adventure game where you can explore, mine, craft, and battle monsters and bosses. By participating in this adventure game, you can immerse yourself in a survival world where there are many different terrains and resources. You need to exploit and use them appropriately.

Although this game is a 2D game, it is attractive thanks to the addictive gameplay. Let's start this online game by choosing the character and mode. Then, enter the game officially. This action game will bring you wonderful entertaining moments. After playing this game, you can try Trap The Cat to have more experience.

Some Basic Playing Tips

At the beginning of this adventure game, you will receive 3 default weapons, including a sword, pickaxe, and ax. Use these basic items to mine and build. For example, you can cut down trees and get wood to craft various materials.


Use the collected wood to build houses for your NPCs. Build houses, build doors, build walls, and place items like tables and chairs. You can have a simple house with such basic steps. After building a house, you should check if the house is suitable for NPCs. NPCs are useful because you can summon NPCs. and they will help a lot with your survival and building process.

Fight with Slimes

Killing slimes is the easiest job you can do at the start of the Terraria game. After dying, slimes will give you weapons and items randomly. In particular, King Slime appears when the player kills 75-150 slimes or uses any king slime items. This is one of the bosses of this game. You should be careful with it because King Slime is very dangerous.

Mine and Collect

Besides fighting slimes, you can go around to collect items or search for items in the caves. The cave will give you a lot of valuable items. However, the cave is very dark, so you should use torches to provide light.

Note that you should not jump too high. If you jump too high, your character may lose health. Instead of jumping directly, you can use the rope by pressing and holding the left mouse button after selecting the rope item.

Break the jar to get the item at the bottom of the cave.

In addition, you may face dangers because of traps. Next to the trap, there is a button. You can disable traps by destroying this button.

An important item is a heart. Collect hearts to get more blood. Note that you should have 190 health because a boss called Eye Of Cthulhu will appear when you have more than 200 HP, 10 DEF, and 3 alive NPCs. This boss is very dangerous. This boss also appears if you use the eye of Cthulhu item on you at night. A lot of players were killed by it.

How to control

  • WASD - Move
  • 0- 9 - Select Tool
  • R - Reset Me
  • Click - Dig/Place
  • C - Center on Mouse
  • E - Open/Close Inventory
  • K - Creative Mode
  • F - Open Territories Map