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About Granny

Granny is a horror game that you cannot miss. In the adventure to Granny's house, you are locked in a closed room, and find a way to escape for five days.

Unfortunately, you were targeted by Granny and locked up. Her house is a dark, scary house. You can only escape at night when she goes to sleep. For five days try to escape in darkness and silence. You must navigate Granny's creaky rooms and dimly lighted hallways in order to escape the horror arcade game. Be very careful and gentle because Granny has good hearing, you just need to make a slight noise and she will detect it and you will be arrested immediately. Every time Granny or one of her traps catches you, you'll lose a day and the next evening you'll awaken in bed. Keep in mind that you only have five days to go out! As you transition between rooms make noise. She is extremely detail-oriented and adept at finding the origin of any sound, but she lacks intelligence and is easily tricked. So use them to make a lot of sounds to trick her. Find the items you require to defeat Granny by searching the house. The objects are initially scattered randomly, so you cannot predict where any particular object will be but also pay attention to the shelves or on the table, etc. Close any doors that are in her path to block her as well. In addition to these mysteries, Granny also conceals a number of others behind closed doors. Her favorite spider, which is housed in a cage in the attic, turns out to be Granny's victim or a minor antagonist.

How To Control

Control the character by moving the mouse and clicking.