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Dinosaur Game

About Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is a game that is too familiar to Chrome users when they lose connection. Let's control dinosaurs to jump from the cactus and escape the desert.

Anyone who has used Google Chrome as a web browser before is bound to be familiar with this problem. If you don't have internet access, a tiny gray dinosaur will appear on your computer's screen. It is light entertainment while waiting for the computer to be reconnected to the Internet. The dinosaur is standing alone in the middle of the desert, you just need to press the spacebar and it will run. But just running is too simple, the first step when running, the dinosaur will meet the cactus. If you don't want to be stabbed by cactus thorns and lose, the dinosaur has to jump. In the next stages, there will be thunder lizards in the sky again, if the dinosaurs jump too high, you will also be eaten by them. Black and white make up much of the game's look. You'll need to assist him in overcoming pterodactyls and cacti in order to complete the level. Pteranodons and cacti are the two hardest obstacles to overcome. The dinosaur will have to overcome these obstacles. The game is very easy but also very difficult if you are not quick and observe the dangerous surroundings carefully.

How To Control

Use SPACEBAR to control the jumping dinosaurs.