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Cat Escape

About Cat Escape

Cat Escape is a funny and interesting puzzle game for those who love animals. In the game, you play the role of a cat and find a way to escape from the maze.

Start the dangerous game of hide and seek now. In this wonderful escape game, make your big escape as a rambunctious kitty! If you get caught, you'll have to try again! Hide strategically and move rapidly, and you'll be home-free in no time! Sneak, conceal, and run one paw at a time to the exit. There will be many levels for you to choose from such as a museum, and even a vampire home in this brain game. Move through hundreds of exciting levels by using logic and cognitive power. It's time to switch things up if you get sick of the original yellow cat's appearance! You can choose from a variety of skins to alter the cat's breed, making it siamese, white, or even gray like Tom, or you can transform your cat into a completely different animal, such as a vampire, unicorn, spider, pirate, or detective. Combine the skin of your choice with the many available trails, including hearts, feathers, bubbles, rainbows, and other particularly silly options.

How To Control

Use your mouse and ASWD keys to start the escape.