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Cat Runner

Cat Runner

Cat Runner is the best cat running game that you are sure to love. You and your cat participate in a running competition and do whatever it takes to win.

In this infinite runner game, you may have hours of fun with your favorite cat by running to retrieve gold money after being robbed! Explore new worlds while racing at breakneck speeds. Run after the thief, dodging speeding automobiles and trains. Run as quickly as you possibly can. Just run and have to avoid obstacles and earn gold coins. This is a difficult thing but will bring you unique experiences. It will be very suitable for those who are passionate about speed and adventurous races. You can also collect gold bars in addition to fish, and you can use this gold to buy new things and control different cat characters. Why I recommend you earn a lot of gold coins. Because it will help you live like a king. You can buy houses, buy furniture to decorate them. You can buy accessories, and skills and change your appearance to be beautiful. Become a rich and prominent cat in this game, and experience it right away with fierce races.

How To Play

Use the arrow keys or the ASDW keys.