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About Snowball.io

Snowball.io is a fascinating multiplayer game. On thin ice, eliminate all opponents before being pushed into the cold water and become the last survivor.

Do you love creating snowmen and round snowballs that you can throw together with your friends? Now with Snowball.io, you will be free to play in the snow, but you have to push your opponent down to survive. Using your snowplow, move around to collect snow and make snowballs. It becomes easier to annihilate your opponents as the snowball grows larger. Send your snowball flying at other players once it's ready. You'll hit players with the snowball in an effort to bring them down. As soon as you can, you push them down, or else you risk being pushed and losing. On a thin layer of ice, about to melt, you will definitely have to push your opponent down so you can peacefully survive without sinking. In this simple but addictive game of kings, be the last snowplow standing. Be quick to create big snowballs and quickly push all opponents down while they are not paying attention. Every single match, if you win, you will have a lot more money. Quickly buy more skills or upgrade your car to become stronger and certainly will not be easily pushed down by the opponent.

How To Control

Snowballs can be made by dragging and moving the mouse, and they can be knocked down by moving to an opponent's edge.