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About Cuphead

Cuphead is a cartoon-inspired game with a fun adventure element. You will be amazed to see the graphics and the setting in the battle of the 1930s.

You will be surprised to know that the game is inspired by a famous cartoon from 1930. Another special feature is that the graphics and sound are also selected and are very close to the original, brought along. classic features. The characters were also painstakingly hand-drawn by the producers, who then painted them while playing classical jazz music. You can choose between playing as Cuphead or Mugman in the game (in a single-player or local co-op setting). When going on adventures and participating in battles, show off your skills. Also, collect new weapons along the way to increase their power. Along the way, in addition to teaching you new things, each chapter will gradually reveal a secret that will help you find a way to vanquish evil. In addition, combat in the game is frantic and filled with frequent explosions and screams of pain. Some of the enemy characters can be seen smoking cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, and some of the enemies are represented by objects like swaying martini glasses. All of them seem to be very genuine. Each land will be a different war, can you defeat all the evil opponents?

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How To Play

Use the mouse to control and move the character.