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Sonic exe

About Sonic exe

Sonic exe is a dangerous challenge game loved by many people. You will play as a green hedgehog and overcome a lot of challenges, and collect rings to win.

Sonic with the famous hero will have a completely new face revealed to you by Exe. His evil twin, who is determined to kill everyone who was once his friend, is here, where you will run into him. He is a terrifying danger that you need to escape immediately and without delay. Your route will be through repetitive pixel levels where you must overcome various obstacles. Jump from platform to platform, avoiding traps to keep yourself safe. Along the way, you can also encounter rings, and collect them. It has the effect of protecting you when in danger. You will also earn as many coins as possible to be able to upgrade and buy equipment for yourself. Since you can't really predict when the danger will happen, you must always be on guard, even when pursuing an especially juicy bonus. Each challenge is also different land for you to experience. Challenge yourself and your friends in dangerous moments and see who wins.

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How To Control

Pressing the arrow keys will help you to move.