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Circle The Cat

About Circle The Cat

Circle the Cat is an interesting puzzle game that you cannot ignore. A mischievous cat is around, think of a way to block the way and trap the cat.

There's a sly cat hanging around in your trap so keep it from escaping. Create the dots, stage into walls., and halt the cat's escape. It appears that the cat anticipates what you will do. The cat can be very difficult to catch. It is very intelligent, so it is possible that you will be the one to fall into its trap. Since the cat will always find a way to get around it if you build too close to it, it is best to start from a distance further away from the cat. As soon as you have it figured out and constructed a reasonably wide, closed perimeter, you must fill it with circles until the cat has no more to jump to. You might not anticipate it moving to a different location. First, keep building far away first, otherwise, the cat will immediately recognize your intentions and run out of sight. Surely at that time, you will be very angry because this cat is too cunning. You get caught in its trap, let it run and you will lose. It looks simple, but you should think about your steps carefully. Time and deposits are limited, pay attention.

How To Control

Click on the boxes to block cats.