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Stealing the Diamond

About Stealing the Diamond

Stealing the Diamond is an extremely interesting action game in which you are transformed into a thief. Are you ready to steal gems and become rich?

Do you want to become a famous thief? Read stories and watch movies a lot do you want to make a mission and become a rich person? Your chance is here. A museum exhibit featuring numerous priceless items is currently running in the city. In particular, the Tunisian Diamond is the most valuable item. Your goal is to get it. Once you get started, don't pay attention to the luxury items around you. Stay focused and calm to succeed. Henry Stickmin, a notorious burglar, is in the right place at the right time. The game will give you methods to successfully steal the diamond. You have to think and choose carefully. You can win by employing, covert, or epic strategies. Remember, only brawl and show off your talent if you're sure you can get the diamond and get out safely. Utilize modern technology as well as conventional tools and do everything and use your relationships to achieve your goals. You must take calculated risks at every stage of the heisting operation. Show your thinking skills and choose wisely if you want to get away with the gems! One is to have it all and live in luxury, the other is to be arrested and imprisoned.

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How To Play

Click on the options you want to act on.