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Retro Bowl

About Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is an attractive and dramatic football game. In the game, you manage a team, guide them to practice, and having to solve many possible problems.

Do you have a strong passion for sports and especially football? If yes, now you will be free to fulfill your dream. You could manage your team while the game was being played and then observe how it fared against other teams. Remember the skills that the opponent uses, and promote the strengths of your team. At the same time, you must also find out the weaknesses of the opponent team as well as your own team to find ways to overcome them. You will need to manage the squad while addressing a multitude of challenges, including dealing with the media, team promotion, and any other problems that could come up. Positive and negative things can happen at any time. If you try to stay calm, you can make everything calm down. Using a free store, you can rapidly customize or completely build your club to suit your interests. A perfect control mode and automatic mode combo are also present in the game. When you're too busy, you can relax knowing that your team is still taken care of. But do not rely too much on this automatic mode, your team will not progress at all. Another attraction of the game is the great graphics along with a vivid sound that will surely make you moments of relaxation and awaken the football potential in you.

How To Control

Use the ADSW key to move around the game while on the field, and click the left mouse button to pass the ball.