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About Touchdrawn

Touchdrawn is a sports-themed running game in which you have to control your character to run to the touchdrawn in this game. Let's draw a guideline for your character.

However, you need to be careful with your opponents. They are attempting to steal your ball as you move. You need to stay away from them and move on. Take note that your opponent is surrounded by a circle. The match between you and your opponent will begin if you run within that circle. It's best not to get into these arguments.

The game's controls are simple to use. To draw a line, all you need is your mouse. This line will be followed by your character.

Game Levels

Unlike Surviv.io and Trap The Cat, this running game has many different levels. It is similar to Gravity Snake and Slope Ball. Each level is doable. However, it is challenging due to the gradual increase in the difficulty of the levels. You'll have to fight more people.